Why office work is such a doss
Why office work is such a doss
As the creator of Dilbert puts it, the reality for many is that office work is a pretence, it's about making yourself look good, or how I often hear it described: it's a game ... Read More
Before creation, comes destruction
Before creation, comes destruction
Before creation, comes destruction is a quote from Beerus (God of destruction). Evidence of creation first, followed by destruction is everywhere ... Read More
Well Man UltraVit blood test: maintaining optimum health
Well Man UltraVit blood test
Blood testing is often reserved for when you have a medical problem. However, now they are so accessible, I get them often ... Read More
Online reviews have become fake news
Fake online reviews
My trust in online reviews has been wavering for some time but it was a recent purchase on Amazon that sent me over the edge. ... Read More
Extreme workouts cause sleep disruption
man doing extreme exercise
I've had intermittent sleep disruption over the last few years which I put down to extreme workouts ... Read More
Medichecks blood test results
medichecks blood test
My friend took two blood tests within three months. In this post, I will review his Medichecks blood test results ... Read More
The best free meditation app
man meditating
Here's the best free meditation app I've used with a large free library of guided meditations ... Read More