“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

Welcome to life after the daily grind

I live in the rat race, my days are filled with email, politics and pointless meetings. I often think about what makes for a fulfilling life while questioning society’s expectations. This blog documents my thoughts as I plan an escape to live a life less ordinary. It’s partly FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and partly me writing about anything I find interesting. If you enjoy what I write, sign up for my email or drop by once a month to see what’s new.





Fortune favours the brave
fortune favours the brave
Translated from a latin proverb around 200 BCE, as sayings go, "Fortune favours the brave" is one of the most popular in human history. ... Read More
Do you have mean world syndrome?
mean world syndrome
Do you suffer from mean world syndrome? If you consume the average amount of news media then the answer is probably yes. ... Read More
What is life about? Answer: one thing
what is life about
So what is life all about? This question shouldn't be confused with what's the meaning of/or what's the purpose of life? ... Read More

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