Fortune favours the brave
fortune favours the brave
Translated from a latin proverb around 200 BCE, as sayings go, "Fortune favours the brave" is one of the most popular in human history. ... Read More
Do you have mean world syndrome?
mean world syndrome
Do you suffer from mean world syndrome? If you consume the average amount of news media then the answer is probably yes. ... Read More
What is life about? Answer: one thing
what is life about
So what is life all about? This question shouldn't be confused with what's the meaning of/or what's the purpose of life? ... Read More
Jevons paradox: how it works against you
Jevons paradox: how it works against you
Most of what you'll read about Jevons paradox relates to economics. What's not discussed and what I find interesting is how Jevons paradox affects our daily lives ... Read More
No motivation at work
no motivation at work
If you’ve arrived here thinking I'm going to outline a solution to having no motivation at work then you should turn back. I am not the solution. I am here to tell you that you have good reason to be unmotivated at work ... Read More
Life is full of fake people
life is full of fake people
Life is full of fake people; you, me and everyone else. Not only is life full of fake people, the world is faker than it’s ever been before. ... Read More
Pointless meetings: why office work is terrible
pointless meetings
My experience of a pointless meeting I attended and the thoughts that ran through my head while sitting there and losing the will to live ... Read More
Not fitting in
Not fitting in
As I've grown older, I've realised that I don't fit in. The feeling of not fitting in came about in the workplace but it's society as a whole. I'm definitely not normal but I'm not looking for sympathy. I don't want to fit in ... Read More
How free are you?
how free are you?
We all have different levels of freedom. Prison inmates have little and others have a lot. But many of us aren't as free as we think ... Read More