Personal balance sheet example: what I track and why
Personal balance sheet example
My personal balance sheet example, see what I put in my balance sheet and why and download my sample balance sheet as a template ... Read More
The domestication of humans: has domestication made us happy?
the domestication of humans
Just like our pets, humans have been domesticated but has our domestication made us happier? ... Read More
Viewber review from a landlord
Viewber review
Viewber does viewings on your behalf, which can save you time and money as a landlord. Read my Viewber review to see what I think ... Read More
Why you hate working so much
Why you hate working so much
Why do you, I and so many people around the world hate working so much? ... Read More
Right to Manage (RTM) process: take control of your building
The Right to Manage process
If you own a flat in the UK then there's a very good chance you are not happy with the property manager or how much service charge you pay. Right to Manage allows you to change this ... Read More
A life of suburban hell
suburban hell
Living life trapped in a suburban hell while working jobs we hate is a common problem. The film, Revolutionary Road depicts this brilliantly. ... Read More
Property service charge: why you’re paying too much
Property service charge -- why you're paying too much
If you own a property and pay service charge, then I'm prepared to bet that you're paying too much. Here's why ... Read More
The hedonic treadmill
The hedonic treadmill
If there's one psychological phenomenon that everyone should know it's: the hedonic treadmill. t should make you question what you want in life. ... Read More
Some people are so poor all they have is money
Some people are so poor all they have is money - a quote some attribute to Bob Marley
Some people are so poor all they have is money is a quote attributed to Patrick Meagher as well as Bob Marley. It's certainly the kind of thing Marley would have said. ... Read More