Viewber review from a landlord

Viewber review

As a landlord, I’m always looking for tools that make my life easier. I want the flexibility to manage my property remotely and Viewber offers a bunch of property-related services specifically for that. My Viewber review will concentrate on the property viewing service as this is what interests me most. I stopped wasting money on lettings agents some time ago so being able to pay someone to do viewings when I don’t live near the property seems like a good idea.

How Viewber works

Viewber hires outsourced agents all over the UK, if you fancy earning some extra money then you can sign up here. And it’s not just landlords that use Viewber so do estate and letting agents.

Letting agents on average charge a month’s rent for the end-to-end sales process of finding new tenants which includes viewings, so if you haven’t already cut out the middleman then Viewber is a tool that can potentially help.

Viewber dashboard

Once you’ve signed up and created a free account you can see the Viewber dashboard. Here you can add your properties and create appointments.

Viewber dashboard

Sending keys to viewber

Within the dashboard under “key management” there are a bunch of options related to keys. I want Viewber to hold my keys so the option I’m interested in is highlighted below. It costs £78 (inc. VAT) for Viewber to hold my keys and £24 (inc. VAT) to get them returned. If you have a smart lock, key safe, concierge or you live nearby (to issue keys) then you don’t need to pay.

Key management - viewber review

Arranging viewings

Arranging viewings is a simple case of selecting a date and time. To help out the person doing the viewings and to get your property let quicker it’s worth uploading as much supplementary information as possible. For example; council tax band, gyms/supermarkets nearby etc. I read comments from a “Viewber” who said that most letting/estate agents don’t bother which makes their job more difficult.

The price of a viewing is £36 (inc VAT), you’ll most likely have to pay for more unless you’re lucky with the first viewing. There are viewing packs which include the cost of posting your keys and 10 viewings for £300.

Is it worth it?

I’d budget around £300 for getting my property let even without buying the viewing pack: £78 (for sending in keys) + £36 (per viewing) + £24 (returning keys). Whether it’s worth it or not will depend on your circumstances. For me, as I don’t live near my property (or could be overseas) then having an outsourced service for viewings is incredibly useful.

Another advantage I see is getting my property let sooner once a tenant gives notice. Landlords adopt different approaches regarding when to start viewings. There were a few different opinions on this forum thread. To me, starting viewings a month before the tenancy ends seems sensible, however, if I’m not living close by, I won’t be keen on the expense of travel on a Monday evening for a “warm lead”. So Viewber lets me be more “aggressive” with the number of viewings.

Property inspections

Another useful Viewber service is property inspections. Letting agents have a terrible reputation of promising periodic property inspections but not doing them. Obviously, you want the peace of mind that your property isn’t being trashed but maybe don’t fancy taking up half a day with travel for a 10-minute walk around.

For £42 (inc VAT) you can pay for a property visit and receive a report like this. There shouldn’t be a need to pay for keys being sent to a fro assuming you arrange for when the tenant is in.

Viewber prices

Viewber offers a bunch of property-related services, for some reason they don’t show the prices until you sign up. So if you want to see all their offerings and prices and are prepared for a long scroll, then see below.

Viewber review summary

My Viewber review summary: it’s a valuable service for landlords that don’t use letting agents. It speaks volumes that letting agents use Viewber too. I live some distance from my let property so when adding up travel costs and time spent it’s a no-brainer. Even if travel wasn’t a consideration, I’d probably still use Viewber from a less faff perspective. Moreover, if you’re a landlord paying a hefty commission to a letting agent for getting your property let then Viewber should make you question if those fees are worth it.

If you’re a landlord and do your own viewings or have used Viewber then please let me know your experiences in the comments section below.

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