How to make delicious coffee and save money

Time needed: 5 minutes

Making coffee at home saves you a fortune, is better for the environment (by not wasting cups) and tastes better! What’s not to love? I absolutely love coffee and cannot function without my morning fix, however, I can’t drink any old coffee. I’m a real snob! Moreover, I refuse to get ripped off on overpriced takeaway coffee, and it doesn’t even taste that good! This how-to article explains what you’ll need and how to make better-tasting coffee than Starbucks!

  1. Get a Moka Pot (if you don’t already have one)

    I’ve tried every way to make the perfect cup of coffee from expensive machines, cafetieres and Nespresso capsules. Hands-down, Moka Pots make the best coffee – it’s also how the Italians make their coffee so who’s to argue?

    moka pot

  2. Buy your favourite filter coffee

    There’s so much choice in the supermarket some of my favourites include; Grumpy Mule, Cafe Direct and Starbucks – yeah, I know this how-to was about making better coffee than Starbucks, however, their filter coffee made in a Moka Pot does taste better than their takeaway coffee!

    filter coffee

  3. Pour cold water into the Moka Pot base

    pouring water into moka pot

  4. Put ground coffee into the funnel filter

    Place funnel filter into the Moka Pot base, add your ground coffee and screw the upper chamber onto the base.

    adding coffee to moka pot

  5. Put on Stove for a 2-3 minutes

    Place Moka Pot onto your stove and heat for a few minutes. As the water boils it passes through the filter into the upper chamber and makes delicious coffee.

    moka pot on stove

  6. Pour coffee into a thermos flask

    Pour your coffee into a good travel mug (assuming you’re going outside!). I’ve had a “Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug” for 2 years and it’s still going strong. It’s well-engineered and doesn’t leak!
    coffee thermos

  7. Add cream/ milk (optional)

    This is obviously a personal preference. IMO adding a little single cream makes all the difference; the subtle sweetness softens coffee and makes it even more delicious.

    adding cream to coffee

  8. Enjoy your coffee and save serious cash

    Easily save £60 per month on coffee compared to buying takeaway coffee in Starbucks. This is a conservative estimate based on drinking a Grande Americano Monday -Friday from Starbucks at £3.10. This is compared to £2.50 for a 200-gram bag of filter coffee which makes me 20 large cups of pure expresso ( I like strong coffee!). A 200-gram bag of filter coffee will probably last you even longer and save you more.

    saving money making coffee

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