Do you have mean world syndrome?
mean world syndrome
Do you suffer from mean world syndrome? If you consume the average amount of news media then the answer is probably yes. ... Read More
Living in Sri Lanka
Living in Sri Lanka
hing gives me more pause for thought than the idea of spending time in places with a lower cost of living than the UK. It’s not just about cost saving for me, there needs to nice weather, sandy beaches and good food. ... Read More
Living as a nomad in the UK
Living as a nomad in the UK
Living like a nomad in the UK is possible through various accommodation options. Let's explore a few of the choices ... Read More
Learning to surf in Famara
Learning to surf in Famara
My holiday notes from learning to surf in Famara, Lanzarote. If you plan on learning to surf in Famara then read on ... Read More
Spending time in early retirement
man surfing with 2 dogs
There's lots of advise on how to retire early but less on what to do once retired. Here are my plans and ideas for what to do. ... Read More
Learning to surf in The Algarve
Praia do Amado (The Algarve)
The idea of surfing has fascinated me for a while and I don't know why it took so long to give it a try ... Read More
Travel workout plan
travel workout equipment
Here's my travel workout plan that requires minimal equipment ... Read More